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Saturday, September 7, 2013

''The World is flat'' Thomas Friedman

As long as I understood the main purpose of the book is to show the benefits of globalization, or flatteners of the the world as the author metaphorically calls it. Friedman brings many examples of how this flatteners brought cause various changes in different spheres starting from world economy and politics to informational technology sphere. He discusses many of these flatteners, as collapse of The Berlin wall, Outsourcing, Insourcing, etc. and shows they have changed the world to the best.
For me as a future TEFL professional there are some amazing flatteners. Among them are Netscaping, Uploading,Informing.Steroids, For me they are excellent tools as they allow people to share their knowledge, thoughts, projects,to get so much information with just one click. The world and the people are now more connected,and aware of other each other , other countries,cultures. I think these are great tools for teaching as well , there are hundred thousands of blogs,discussion forums, virtual portals where everyone can share his experience,collaborate,ask and find answers to the questions his is interested in,to upload and download files. I think  these resources are just great in teaching process.

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